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Agassiz Watch Co.

Agassiz Watch Co.

Agassiz Watch Company

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Agassiz’s history is closely related to that of Longines. In 1832 Auguste Agassiz arrived in Saint-Imier Switzerland and entered the "Comptoir horloger Raiguel Jeune". The following year, in association with Florian Morel and Henri Raigue, he founded the "Comptoir Raiguel Jeune & Cie". When in 1838 Henri Raiguel retired, Auguste Agassiz and Florian Morel became the owners of the company, now renamed "Comptoir Agassiz & Cie", until in 1847 Agassiz became the sole owner. A few years later, in 1852, his nephew, Ernest Francillon, joined the company, succeeding his uncle in 1862. Thus, the new company "Ancienne Maison Auguste Agassiz, Ernest Francillon, Successeur" was born.


At that time, all the various components that comprised a watch were was produced by different craftsman throughout the region. Francillon recognized that this traditional production method resulted in quality control difficulties. He therefore decided to produce all the necessary components under one roof, and built a new factory at Les Longines in 1866.


This marked the beginning of Longines.

Auguste's son, Georges Agassiz, participated in the project to create the new factory. A year later he went to the United States to market Longines timepieces there. Upon his return, he assumed the role of financial and marketing manager at Longines.


Then, in 1876, he founded the Agassiz Watch Co. to trade watches independently. To all appearances, however, links with the Longines company were never entirely severed. In fact, many watches had a double signature. His corporate mission was to finish and assemble movements of high value and quality as well as complete watches. In 1889 Agassiz was awarded a gold medal for its remarkably fine movements at the Paris World exhibition. In 1896, the rights to Agassiz fish logo passed to Auguste Sandoz of Saint-lmier.


After the turn of the century, Agassiz started production of jewelry wristwatches. In addition, the collection comprised chronographs and complicated watches.


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