About @Quid

Quid = What?/How much? (Latin)

@Quid was founded by Alan Ehrlich, a US citizen born and raised in New York, and living in Geneva Switzerland since nearly 40 years.


Throughout his life Alan has been collecting many different objects, including phonographs, music boxes, vintage toys, period furniture, 20th century design, Coca Cola and other advertising items, posters, postcards, watches, pens, books, and much more.


After studies in New York and Philadelphia, completing a BA and MA in Psychology, he left for Switzerland, where he pursued his graduate studies with Prof. Jean Piaget, the famous child psychologist. He then went on to work at the Battelle Institute... a global think tank, to Nestlé... where he provided counsel to top management, and finally launched his own market research institute.


Over the years one of his hobbies, vintage wristwatches, became his business, when he founded “Time & Design” an international company trading in these vintage timekeepers. Later he also organized major international auctions of vintage fountain pens, including one that earned him a Guiness Book of Records inscription for the “most expensive vintage pen in the world”.


Alan lives with his wife and two children in a country house close to Geneva and runs @Quid out of his home.